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We run the numbers while you run the business!

CPA Professional Bookkeeping & Accounting Firm

Payments,    Payables,    Collections,    Receivables,    Payroll,    GST/HST & PST filing,   
CRA Handling,    Corporate Tax Returns,    Personal Tax Returns,    and More!

An Important Step toward Business Success

Your time and energy are precious.

Working with us, a trusted, competent, and value-driven CPA company, will give you back the time and energy

for what you and your business need most. 

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Accounting and bookkeeping are our areas of expertise.  Let us handle those so you can return to what you are best at and love most, whether that be growing your business or spending more time with family and friends.

Bradsen Bookkeeping is able to offer high quality and cost-effective services to clients because:

  • we leverage software and information technologies

  • we have expert-level financial reporting and tax knowledge and experience

  • we are passionate about understanding the businesses of our clients, and

  • we care as much as you do


We believe that business operators should not be sacrificing valuable time to assist with the recording, tracking, and processing of non-stop sales and costs.  With us, you can be sure that your accounting and bookkeeping will be done right, optimally, and will require only minimal amounts of your time.  Don't let inefficient and insufficiently technical bookkeepers continue to wrack up your bookkeeping and tax bills and take precious time away from you.

Instead, partner with us. 

Grow Your Vision

Focus on growing your business while we keep your books accurate, clean, and insightful!

Our Values

A People-Focused Bookkeeping & Accounting Company


Once we understand your business, we will develop efficiencies and optimize our operations to support your success. This is how we garner impactful relationships with clients.


Having a great accounting and bookkeeping experience starts with effective communication. We respond to clients and their stakeholders productively and fast to reflect positively on your business. 

Results Driven

We differentiate from the rest by maximizing our use of technology and templating our working documents and workflows. We've streamlined the bookkeeping process to be incredibly client friendly, efficient, and value-driven. We'll show you how easy it can be!



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